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Prices and Policies

Sessions options

Initial evaluation

$100 for a language evaluation, $65 for an evaluation of only speech sounds without a language component. The evaluation fee includes a report of the client’s skills, a review of plan for future treatment and any necessary technical support. If an evaluation has been conducted by a qualified Speech-Language Pathologist within the last 3 months, a portion of the evaluation fee may be waived, pending receipt of the results.

On-going treatment

$40 charge for a 25 minute session

Add-on services

During the course of treatment, our Speech-Language Pathologists often give homework to be completed on a daily basis.  We offer the option of having the therapist check-in with the client to assist with completion of speech homework.  In fact, these short bursts of therapy have proven to be effective in increasing progress.

$35 for 2 burst sessions per week  (5 to 10 min each)

$50 for 3 burst sessions per week  (5 to 10 min each)

Payment and Attendance Policy:

If you are unable to participate in your scheduled session, please call us by 9:00am the day of your session to reschedule or to cancel.  Any sessions canceled after this time will result in a charge for the session.

Invoices are sent through PayPal and are due in full by the 7th of the following month or clients will be placed on hold.

Agreement Confirmation 

  • I have read, understand, and agree to this Financial Policy. I understand this charge is my responsibility and are payable at time of services.
  • I understand my insurance will not be charged for services.
  • I have read and agree to privacy and legal information provided on a separate document.

PLEAES NOTE:   Expressions Therapy does not charge interest or billing fees; however, in the event of any payments not paid in 30 days, Expressions, LLC will add a monthly finance charge to my account in the amount of 1.25 % (15% APR). Finance charges will accrue from the original charge date. This fee is enforced to keep costs at a reasonable level, thus preventing frequent increases in the fees for speech-language services.

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