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Does Your Child Need Literacy Support?

Expressive communication consists of 2 parts, speech and language. Speech is defined as how clearly a person speaks and language is defined as the words used to communicate. Literacy is using language skills to read and/or write. Some people develop these skills naturally, while others receive help from the support of a trained therapist.

Why Do Speech And Reading Disabilities Occur? 

There are many theories as to why literacy difficulties occur. It can be related to delayed language or unclear speech earlier in life and there can potentially be a genetic link. Contrary to common belief, not all reading difficulties stem from dyslexia.

How Does This Affect The Child’s Academic Achievements?

Limited reading skills will drastically hinder academic outcome. School children learn to read in early grade levels, but as they advance through school, they must read in order to learn. A weakness in reading will affect success in school. The earlier these weaknesses are addressed, the better the outcome for the child.

How Can a Child Improve His/Her Speech and Reading Abilities?  

First, finding the root cause of the literacy issue is crucial to selecting the best approach. Each child is different; therefore, each therapy session is tailored to the individual needs of the child.

An experienced and skilled instructor will address the core issues while increasing the child’s confidence in his/her skill.

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